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Time To Get Rid Of Captchas

Time To Get Rid Of Captchas

Cloudflare that provides content delivery network services, Cloudflare is one of the top providers of web infrastructure, security, content delivery, DNS etc. This company is also offering businesses bot management solutions including CAPTCHAs. In a blog Cloudflare says that to get rid of CAPTCHAs completely by replacing them with a new way to prove your identity as a human by sensor or recognition technology, and the device called “Cryptographic Attestation of Personhood”. It is in a first phase so it only supports limited number of USB security keys like YubiKeys.

As for internet surfer sometimes, CAPTCHAs are big headaches and very stressful, according to our research it takes average 32 seconds to complete and its only cause is it is getting difficult day by day initially it was fair due to security but become complicated. This is an interesting fact that If the 4.6 billion Internet users stumble upon a CAPTCHA every 10 days, that would result in 500 human years being wasted every day to prove that we’re human to a web service or another. 

Cloudflare new system working is very fast and simple:

When you are on a website, all you have to do is click on “I am human” button now plug in a security key or tap it to an NFC-capable smartphone, and a resulting cryptographic attestation is sent to Cloudflare so that you can proceed to visit the website.

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