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Microsoft Elected To Design First

Microsoft Elected To Design First

Microsoft Windows 95 released on 24th,1995. It was a highly anticipated event. Event went well with jokes and long TV commercials. Microsoft even hired Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry to create an hour-long cyber sitcom all about Windows 95, and the software was so popular that 7 million copies were sold during the first five weeks.

Microsoft is finally on board to change current Windows-95 era icons. We will saw windows 10 features in Windows-95. Microsoft created new icons for the hibernation mode, networking, memory, floppy drives and much more as a part of shell32.dll file in preview versions of windows 10. This DLL plays an important role in windows shell, which surfaces icons in a variety of dialog boxes throughout the operating system.

All these changes will improve the consistency of windows is part of Microsoft’s design overhaul to windows 10. Microsoft also revealed new icons for file explorer and this time adding more colors.

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